Future Update #1

October 3, 2023

Earlier this year we were made aware of 2 off market pieces of property that were next to each other and located 5 miles from our current Charlotte Pike location. We began negotiating with the owners of each property and on June 4, 2023, we announced to the Zeal Church family that we had officially signed letters of intent to purchase one track of land of 21 acres and the other track of land of 14 acres for a total of 35 acres.

We immediately entered a “Due Diligence Phase” which is vital to do studies on the property which include the overall buildability of the site. This includes, but not limited to, environmental studies, hydrological studies, soil samples, topo & sewage studies as well as land surveys. We are currently in the process of finishing up much of the due diligence phase.

As the due diligence phase was underway, we subsequently were able to officially sign contracts on both pieces of property. The final process of completing the purchase of these pieces of property will depend on the finding at the end of the due diligence phase.

At the same time, we have been working with our architectural team to begin the process planning what our next church home will look like and the ministry spaces all the way from our kids’ space, our students space to our auditorium and more. It’s exciting to see the vision unfold and making room to reach so many more people throughout Nashville & middle Tennessee.

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